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              Eliminate Legal Liabilities

              CONTROL-E can help you backup all operations with an indisputable physical security software that backs up digital evidence for all visits, patrols, site rounds, and incident responses that officers conduct.

              Enhance Communication

              Effectively streamline communications across all officers to ensure orders are understood, acknowledged, and completed with accuracy.

              Ensure Officer Reliability

              Track officers during shifts and know if officers are properly and safely completing duties, if guard patrolling are incomplete, or if an incident occurs.

              Dedicated Server

              A dedicated server is either purchased or rented to manage hosting services. It is very important to stay connected with severs 24*7. It is also imperative to mention the role of dedicated servers to process and execute such a big data. Small industries have embraced the Data technology. On the other hand, Data technology has also impacted the business operations and caused a tremendous growth in the industry. Delivering the exceptional services with great user experience remained the sole priority what we do.

               Great for large businesses.
               High levels of data security.
               Servers Running 24x7x365.
               Best for large data & applications.
               Outperform all other hosting.

              Virtualization Server

              Virtualized server means a lot when it comes to the scalability of enterprises and cost-cutting by increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Using virtualized server we can run many servers by a single server. Despite being the key player in Data center server management, enterprises face several barriers in infrastructure, scaling, data management, systems and processes and other secure environments. To overcome these problems, EliteitBiz has a pool of resources including skilled experts, Engineering, and technology etc. Bridging this gap is not an easy task, however, using the latest technology, we have played a significant role to sustain and grow Enterprises.


               Reduce the No’s of physical servers.

               Save in power and cooling costs.

               Moving running virtual machines.

               Image-based backup and restore.

               Allow us to move the cloud.

              Cloud Server

              An alternative to the dedicated and virtual server, cloud server hosts on a shared virtualized environment. With a decentralized and distributed technology Cloud server uses the peer-to-peer network to distribute encrypted files across the organization. Powered by the autonomous server it is more quick, safer and more cheaply than the traditional system. It has the ability to solve the double-spending problem without requiring a trusted authority. So cloud server is a trusted source of information and it may remove the credibility of big internet giants. we never compromise with the quality and always put our best effort. So there is less to no chance to get any complaint. Still, if you experience any problem related to service, our technical team is ready to fix it conveniently.

               Operational expenses are reduced.
               Businesses become mobile.
               Save time at the time of Manage.
               Robust and fast network .
               No usual hardware problems.

              Other IT System Services

              Get connected all the time through our real time chat for each site teams. 

              • OEM Hardware Installations
              • Laptop Repair
              • USB HDD Server Data Recovery
              • Network Cabling
              • Support All Software Setup

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