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HP Tower Rack Servers
Are you looking for New, Used or Refurbished HP Servers Tower or Rack Servers in Dubai Sharjah AJman Jeddah Riyadh, Please request Ask for Quote providing your specification.
Cloud Data Centers Data, Voice, Camera Network Cabling
Complete Rack Dressing Network Cabling for Voice, Data, Cameras and TV in Dubai Sharjah AJman Jeddah Riyadh
IT Contract for ERP Softwares & Services
ERP Annaul Or Monthly IT Contract for for SAP HANA,Microsoft Dynamics, Focus ERP, Odoo ERP, Vtigercrm Opensource and many.
Taxi Advertisement ERP & Mobile App System
Design, Develop and Implement Frontend Website, Back-end ERP and Mobiles IOS/Android App’s to provide facility to client customers to select advertisement campaign on website and checkout, create customer campaign for advertisement of their products or services on the cars in their selected area and track online with daily status of reports.
5-IN-1 Virtualization Server

1 - Centralized Email Server
2- Alternative Domain Controller
3- Cloud IP PBX Server
4- Web/Mobile based ERP Software
5- Employee PC Monitoring (Free)