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Eliminate Legal Liabilities

CONTROL-E can help you backup all operations with an indisputable physical security software that backs up digital evidence for all visits, patrols, site rounds, and incident responses that officers conduct.

Enhance Communication

Effectively streamline communications across all officers to ensure orders are understood, acknowledged, and completed with accuracy.

Ensure Officer Reliability

Track officers during shifts and know if officers are properly and safely completing duties, if guard patrolling are incomplete, or if an incident occurs.


Looking to get fixed any kind of VPN firewall solution?

At EliteITBiz, we endeavor to provide expertise driven solutions to help and assist our clients business needs are met, through a well-defined risk-based approach. Approach to adoption can have the following phases:

  • Plan: Discussing the scope of work, making a roadmap for the approach, formalizing leadership & project SPOC and to understand the policy and procedures all can be a part of the planning phase.
  • Build & Design: The build phase consists of requirements as a part of a systems engineering process. The main milestone of design phase would be matching the system specifications and the disposition of risk from the organization as shown in the framework.
  • Implementation: Gaps identified during the planning phase are implemented. Integration elements should be carefully planned.
  • Transition: A seamless transition and handover to the operations team should be taken into consideration

Other IT System Services

Get connected all the time through our real time chat for each site teams. 

  • OEM Hardware Installations
  • Laptop Repair
  • USB HDD Server Data Recovery
  • Network Cabling
  • Support All Software Setup

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