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Eliminate Legal Liabilities

CONTROL-E can help you backup all operations with an indisputable physical security software that backs up digital evidence for all visits, patrols, site rounds, and incident responses that officers conduct.

Enhance Communication

Effectively streamline communications across all officers to ensure orders are understood, acknowledged, and completed with accuracy.

Ensure Officer Reliability

Track officers during shifts and know if officers are properly and safely completing duties, if guard patrolling are incomplete, or if an incident occurs.

100% Wire-Free Rechargeable Camera That Works on WiFi

Build Your Smart and Secure Office and Homes

Are you looking for the best CCTV provider? Do You Need Installation of branded CCTV camera systems for surveillance? We provide the valuable services for CCTV camera system installation, services & support for all the major brands like Reolink, Axis, Hikvision, CP PLus, UNV IP camera. We have a team of professionals technically expertise installing CCTV Camera systems for commercial and personal use available. We Endeavour for a good client experience. Our team is dedicated to serving you at the doorstep. We understand the value of a great product and good services.
Combine all products into a connected, united, and smart security solution.

Video Recordings in the Cloud

Save Everything That Matters, Just in Case


  • A single place for your entire CCTV camera installation services in UAE & Saudi Arabia
    Your need, our solution: We are always there to take care of your requirement. We will be happy to serve you. Powered with latest technology and tools, We install CCTV cameras having high definition resolution with recording. You will experience our service amazing with CCTV cameras having higher frame rates, tamper detection, PTZ technology, a remote focus lens, Video compression and other features.
  • Quality Service At Cheapest Price:
    Be assured to pay the reasonable charge for any service you get from here. We guarantee you find the best CCTV camera system installation services. Action speaks louder than a word. Yes, we have a sound background in the field of IT support and services in UAE (Dubai, Ajman & Sharjah). Our par satisfactory level of services has assured and proven us the best CCTC installation and maintenance services in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Trusted by a number of clients our expert technician is the best at their job

People counting

    • Count people in multiple locations, monitor real-time space occupancy and analyze trends.
    • Comply with safety and Covid-19 regulations via digital occupancy signage.
    • Retail people counters provide valuable visitor analytics
    • It gives you real time data on usage of space

    Vehicle counting


    • Count vehicles and detect speed data from your video streams. Measure parking time. Detect vehicle class: car, van, truck, bus, bike.
    • Benefit for Optimized parking, Reduced traffic, Reduced pollution, Enhanced User Experience.
    • Integrated Payments and POS
    • Increased Safety
    • Decreased Management Costs
    • Increased Service and Brand Image

    Other IT System Services

    Get connected all the time through our real time chat for each site teams. 

    • OEM Hardware Installations
    • Laptop Repair
    • USB HDD Server Data Recovery
    • Network Cabling
    • Support All Software Setup

    Why Choose Us For CCTV camera system in UAE and Saudi Arabia

    Distribute workforce instructions and make changes in real time, always ensuring correct procedures are followed. Learn More

    Although there is a number of repairing outlet in the market, still we stand out from the crowd due to our unique way of service. At Elite Biz, you will be amazed at our “Happy to help” attitude. A number of satisfied customers are the testimony of our ethics and value-based service.

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