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Eliminate Legal Liabilities

CONTROL-E can help you backup all operations with an indisputable physical security software that backs up digital evidence for all visits, patrols, site rounds, and incident responses that officers conduct.

Enhance Communication

Effectively streamline communications across all officers to ensure orders are understood, acknowledged, and completed with accuracy.

Ensure Officer Reliability

Track officers during shifts and know if officers are properly and safely completing duties, if guard patrolling are incomplete, or if an incident occurs.

Looking to get fixed any kind of Laptop & desktop?

If you are looking to fix any kind of Laptop service in Dubai then you are in the right place. Eliteitbiz has brought a number of Laptop Repair Services for you in the comfort of your home. With an expert technical team, we are the Best Laptop Repair Servicer in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

We offer all type of Laptop Repairing Service including Screen Replacement, Power Socket Repair, and Virus Removal Service, Hard Drive Problem etc for a number of brands like HP, DELL, and SONY & ACER Laptop. Busy work schedule, No time. No issue, we have made the hectic and weeklong Computer Repairing Service process easy and accessible.

We simply provide all kind of computer repair services in Dubai including hardware and software solution for all the major brands like HP, Dell, SONY, Acer etc. at a genuine price. Contact or visit us to get your computer fixed quickly. We can’t imagine our life without the computer today. These are the lifeline of modern lives and we heavily rely on technologies for our day-to-day life. From entertainment to education, Laptops are the vital part of our daily needs. But what if you found it not working properly or unfortunately, your screen got damaged. These are the common problems our expert handles daily.

You really need not worry rather visit or call our service centre and get the matchless computer repair services in Dubai. Our inimitable technician will assist you for your Home/Office computer repair, they will also guide you the proceedings taking the brief details of the problem occurred and after analysing the problems you can get an estimate of expanse depends on the severity of the problem.

Home IT System Services


  • Apple Mac Repairs & Upgrades
  • Computer Upgrade, Repair, Recover
  • Data Backup to cloud
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • Email Setup & Cloud Backup
  • Home IT System Relocation
  • Home TV, CCTV, Internet Networking
  • iPad & Tablet Setup
  • Internet Filtering & Parental Control
  • Internet Installation Service
  • Laptop Repair & Maintenance
  • MacBook Clean Up
  • PC Password Resets
  • Printers & Scanners
  • Home Audio Video SONOS Installations
  • TVs and Home Theatre
  • Home Automation on Fingertip
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Home Wireless Extender Services

Business & Stores IT System Services

Distribute workforce instructions and make changes in real time, always ensuring correct procedures are followed. Learn More

  • On-site Engineers

  • Windows | Linux | SQL | Emails Solutions

  • Microsoft / Ubuntu Server Support

  • VPN | Wireless | CRM ERP

  • IT Maintenance Contracts Daily/Weekly/Monthly

  • Business Laptop Repair Service (Online)

  • Wireless Extenders Service in Cabins

  • Business IP Telephony Repair Service

  • Business Network Cabling

  • Backup & Recovery Solution

  • Business Office Security Services

  • VPN Firewall Services

  • Server Data Centre Installation

  • Cyber Security Audit and Protection

  • Server Data Recovery

  • Wireless Printer & Scanner Setup

  • Exchange Email Repair Service

  • Office365 & Google G Setup

  • Hardware & Software Purchasing

  • IT Health Check & Audit

  • Rack Server Dressing Support

  • Planned Preventative maintenance

  • Network & Security Audits

  • Office Automation on Fingertip

  • Business IT System & Network Relocation

Other IT System Services

Get connected all the time through our real time chat for each site teams. 

  • OEM Hardware Installations
  • Laptop Repair
  • USB HDD Server Data Recovery
  • Network Cabling
  • Support All Software Setup

Why Choose Us For Laptop Repair Services in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Distribute workforce instructions and make changes in real time, always ensuring correct procedures are followed. Learn More

Although there is a number of repairing outlet in the market, still we stand out from the crowd due to our unique way of service. At Elite Biz, you will be amazed at our “Happy to help” attitude. A number of satisfied customers are the testimony of our ethics and value-based service.


Your Laptop screens got smashed or any error and you have no time to visit the store. No problem. Just book a it service request online or call us and we pickup, repair and delivery.

spot repairing

On the spot repairing: No one wants to really wait a long for repairs. We value your precious time. Depends upon the severity of the problem we analyze the problem quickly and if it is a minute issue we deliver the service within 2-3 hours.

Exceptional services

Customer is king. Delivering the exceptional services with great user experience remained the sole priority what we do. The first thing we never compromise with the quality and always replace genuine parts. So there is less to no chance to get any complaint.

   Upgrade Laptop & Desktop

Please stop throwing away your old laptop, here’s how you can upgrade them. Whether less memory, low had space, screen damaged, Don't worry, we are here to get them upgrade. 

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