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IT Contracts Packages

Every business requires IT contract services to maintain workstations, servers, networks, and general software. With the help of IT contracts, you can run your organization or business 

Our services are available on a monthly or yearly contract basis, offering comprehensive solutions for your business needs. We provide up to 50 units of desktop/laptop support, telephony system management, file and email server maintenance, network management, and 24/7 tech support. Our expertise also extends to VPN networks, CCTV networks, and website maintenance, with regular visits every alternative day as an option.

Additionally, we offer a range of services including CCTV setup, website development, SEO optimization, and email marketing. Elite IT Biz is committed to providing all-encompassing solutions to ensure the smooth functioning of your business. Elevate your operations with our tailored IT support services.

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Small Business IT Support Contract

Seamless IT Support for Small Businesses: Our Comprehensive Contract Ensures Swift Response, Proactive Maintenance, and Expert Assistance, Tailored to Enhance Your Business Operations. Trust in our Dedicated IT Support to Keep Your Systems Running Smoothly and Securely.

Remote-Only IT Support Contract Basic Year

Empower Your Remote Workforce: With Our Remote-Only IT Support Contract, Enjoy Basic Year-Round Coverage. Secure Seamless Operations, Providing Your Team with Reliable and Efficient IT Support, Wherever They Are.

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Medium Business IT Support Contract

Our Medium Business IT Support Contract offers comprehensive solutions, ensuring prompt assistance, proactive monitoring, and seamless technology management for your business's uninterrupted growth. Rely on us for robust IT support that aligns with the dynamic needs of your medium-sized enterprise, fostering operational efficiency and technological reliability. .

Large Business IT Support Contract

Our Large Business IT Support Contract ensures comprehensive and reliable tech assistance, minimizing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency. Experience proactive solutions, timely responses, and tailored support to propel your business's digital success.

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IT Support Package For Exibition

Ensure Seamless Event Technology Management with Our Comprehensive Solution. Enjoy Dedicated Support, Quick Issue Resolution, and Enhanced Tech Performance, Guaranteeing a Flawless Exhibition Experience.   

IT Support Package For Trade Shows

Empower Your Trade Shows with Our Comprehensive IT Support Package. Ensure Seamless Connectivity, Quick Issue Resolution, and Enhanced Event Experience for Exhibitors and Attendees. Elevate Your Event's Tech Infrastructure with Our Tailored Solutions.

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